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Our Leonbergers

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A  typical example of linebreeding would be humans mating a first cousin

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A typical example of inbreeding would be humans mating between

Father - Daughter / Brother - Sister / Uncle - Niece

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***** We do not inbreed or linebreed *****

Swan and Dovka Litter - Born 29th February 2016

4 Boys - 5 Girls

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Our Leonbergers

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Dovka Asti Shandel

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Dovka                      Dovka Pedigree                      Dovka Photos

Chava Pedigree                                                        Chava Photos

Boaz Pedigree                                                    Boaz Photos

Swan Pedigree                                                               Swan Photos

Roma                         Roma Pedigree                       Roma Photos

Shandel                     Shandel Pedigree                     Shandel Photos


Orkje                                     Orkje Pedigree                                  Orkje Photos

Asti Pedigree                                                                                      Asti Photos

Hadassah Pedigree                                               Hadassah Photos

Hadassah Boaz Roma Chava Swan

Jancsi Pedigree                                                         Jancsi Photos

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